Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Appvn : iOS 11 Apps Review (Download and Install Guide)

Have you ever wanted to try out new kinds of apps on your iOS devices? If you answered yes,  then you have come to the right place as today we are going to be introducing you all to an app that helps out all the users to get their hands on all their favorite apps for free. Appvn is one of the most popular tweaks that has been out there for iOS devices for quite some time. Developers who don’t get accepted on Google’s play store and iOS’s APP store come to the next best thing to both of them in order to help people get access to services that are otherwise not available anywhere else. Ever since iOS has been with us we have been looking forward to downloading and installing paid apps for absolutely free of costs. Today we are going to be having a look at the app that is going to help us do the same. Pretty much each and every app from the iOS app store is available for download by the users of the appvn service.

For quite a long time apps have been a great way to utilize the most out of your iOS devices. Most of the time we find out that most of the apps of our interest are available only when we pay for them thus it becomes pretty expensive to own and use all the apps that we want. To solve this problem the original solution that many people came up with was through the use of jailbreak and it had pretty much changed the entire way we look at the app markets and the download scene.

This route of jailbreak is pretty harmful as it can lead to bricking of your iDevices and also voids your warranty on the device permanently. This is the sole reason why alternatives to jailbreak have been in the searches for almost the existence of iOS. Earlier Jailbreak was the only solution for people looking forward to downloading paid apps for free on their iOS devices but now things have changed drastically. This change is because of Apple allowing its users to download their favorite apps from third-party sources too without signing all the profiles in the apple directories. Hence now users can simply trust the nonoriginal profiles from tweak related apps too. This has led to the rise of apps like Appvn for iOS and tons of many similar apps have also released in a short span of time.

About Appvn iOS App

Appvn is a pretty old third-party app market that has been around ever since the jailbreak days of tweaks. This service is probably one of the most downloaded jailbreak tweaks of its time but now with a standalone app in its name it has attracted quite a lot of more users. Appvn is pretty similar to the services of Tutuapp as well as vShare which allow users to download paid apps for free too. It is pretty much the easiest way to download apps that are not originally available anywhere. Many exclusive tweaks make the app a must try. 

Appvn is not only available for iOS but is also downloadable on operating systems of Android as well Windows. The appvn is inspired by Aptoide Lite.

Recently with the release of iOS 11, many apps like Tutuapp and vShare have been rendered useless instead now one of the only third-party app stores that are working for iOS 11 is the Appvn service which provides users access to paid apps for free. There are many uses that you can get out of the appvn services on your iOS 11 device and we’d be discussing them in detail in this very article. 

Features of Appvn iOS 11

If you have been looking for the perfect jailbreak alternative then worry not we’ve got your back covered. This app for iOS 11 is going to entirely change the way you download your apps and games. Here are some of the amazing uses that you would be getting out of the AppVn service on iOS 11 - 
  • Appvn has a huge library of paid apps and games along with tweaks that can be downloaded for free. 
  • Huge library of hacks for the most popular games that are out there. 
  • All the apps are updated from time to time so that users are not lacking behind in terms of performance. 
  • Download all the paid apps on your iOS device for absolutely no money at all and save the money for spending somewhere else. 
  • The integrated search bar is a feature that most of these third-party app download services lack but appvn is a great exception providing us with accurate search results. 
  • 100% of the apps from the app store are available on this third-party app store. 
  • The latest games and apps are added as soon as they are released on the app store. 
  • All the mobile operating systems work fine with this app. 
  • It also easily integrates easily.

Download and Install: Appvn iOS

If you’ve read this far ahead in this article then I’m pretty sure you’re interested in how to get the app on your iOS 11 devices. Well, without wasting any more time let’s have a look at the steps that would be necessary to get our hands on this app - 
  1. Firstly, download the iPA file from this link given here -
  2. Save iGameGuardian no jailbreak file in your windows or MacOS devices. 
  3. Now connect your iOS 11 device to your windows or MacOS device. 
  4. You must have iTunes already installed on your Windows PC to be able to install this iPA
  5. Open up Cydia impactor on your PC and if not downloaded already simply download from this link -
  6. Drag and drop the iPA and start the install of the app on your iOS 11 device. 
  7. Make sure your iOS 11 device is unlocked and has fingerprint removed otherwise the Cydia impactor app won’t work. 
Appvn is an awesome application. Follow the above method to install on iOS 11 too.